Ethnic Feet | A collaboration from the past

I have a pile of old sketch books in my office that i haven’t opened in ages. I didn’t even remember what they contained inside since a few days ago when i decided to have a look at them. So as i was looking through an at least 6 year old sketch book i had back in college and i found some interesting drawings of mine. At that time (yes! 6 years before. i cannot believe how easy time goes by) i loved collages. It’s not that i don’t love them now, but it seems that i don’t do many anymore. I will probably see that as a challenge and maybe work on something with collage one of this days.

Anyway, as i was looking through my old drawings i thought..
“What if young college girl Zoey from the past collaborated with Zoey from the present?”  That’s an interesting question.

And here we are a few days later, i have already scanned some drawings i liked and started working on them. Here’s the first one finished so far. Hope you like it.



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