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Here’s a small recoup with the highlights of the Last few months and a few interviews i did for Cherry and Mint. So if you wanna know a few more things about me and my work just follow the links to read them.
I have also updated the look of my site, while i’m still adding more work to it i would love it if you had a look and let me know what you think for it so far.
cherry and mint - work place (1 of 1)Necklace from polypicnic

  • Cherry and mint was featured for the first time in a printed publication for the alternative lifestyle magazine in Cyprus “Melani Magazine”. Couldn’t do it without my man and photographer of the brand by my side.

IMG_20170417_115232 copy

  • Collaboration with “The Cry baby Club” for their subscription box in which 50 hair bows in different pattern print designs were made and sent out to be included in their boxes.


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Visual inspiration | Floral

I love this time of the year where you can see color everywhere. Spring is all about Flowers and floral is still here as a must spring and summer fashion trend, and by the evolution it takes, i think that is going to be here for some more years.

I get most of my inspiration from nature even if it’s in fashion or not. I am not the kind of person that will follow a fashion trend strictly but i would definitely wear it if it fits to my personality and style. Fashion though, has always inspired me and given me ideas for my next projects, even if it’s for a design or something to D.i.y.

This is some of the inspiration i saved to my pinterest for the upcoming art work that i am working on. I hope this will be an inspiration for you as well or maybe brighten up your day a little bit. ❤

Untitled-1Sources:  forums.thefashionspot.comanneofcarversville.comgardenista.comthatkindofwoman.tumblr.com

Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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Visual Inspiration #2 | Pastel vintage colors

I never stop looking for visual inspiration. I love that candy pastel colors and the vintage vibe. I know i have a summery mood right now, but since being in vacation, it was difficult not to. Hope i’ll be home soon full of inspiration and many new projects and posts 🙂


You can always visit my Pinterest for more inspiration! x

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Visual inspiration #1

Hi everyone!
I was looking through my pinterest today looking for some inspiration and i would like to share with you some images that inspire me. If you are lacking productivity today you can check out my pinterest, you might find something interesting!


I totally love patterns of all kinds, you might have noticed! ❤

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