Travel | MIAMI Wynwood walls

I recently had the chance to be in United States for vacation. This was quite exciting and maybe once in a lifetime experience since it’s a long journey from home (about 15 hours on a plane and therefore pretty expensive)

So we had a few days in Miami which was great, i loved the “Art Deco” (one of my favorite art style and era) themed street of Miami south beach with all of the buildings following the structures and mood of that era and totally retro cars parked outside.

But i was also exited with Wynwood arts district area in Miami, which has many galleries and museums and hundreds of street art and graffiti from many artists around the world. In every corner you can find beautiful and remarkable art, covering buildings to the very last inch, even on the sidewalks. Bad thing we went there on a Sunday and we could only enjoy the street art since all art galleries and shops where closed, still worth it. There are no words to describe the feeling on being surrounded by building sized paintings.


If you have been there or planning on going I would like to hear your comments as well 🙂



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